Primavera 2020. Anàlisi real (problemes). Dimarts i dijous de 10 a 11.

Primavera 2020. Càlcul diferencial (problemes). Dimarts i dijous de 9 a 10.



Primavera 2019. Funcions de variable complexa (problemes). FME.

Primavera 2017-Tardor 2018 (4 semestres). Taller de problemes. FME

Tardor 2015-Primavera 2016 (2 semestres). Mentories CFIS.


-> Marta Altarriba (primavera 2019): La conjectura de Sato-Tate.

-> Andreu Tomas (primavera 2019): Formes modulars mock.

-> Carles Checa (primavera 2018): Una aproximació a la teoria de cossos de classe.


Aquí hi ha algunes idees sobre possibles treballs de fi de grau, per si us interessa de cara al quadrimestre de primavera del curs 19-20. Si teniu alguna idea diferent la podem comentar també!

O millor, escriviu-me un mail i parlem de possibles temes relacionats amb la teoria de nombres.

I sometimes collaborate with the training for the Mathematical Olympiad. In the past I wrote some training materials, that you can find here (mainly in Spanish).

Sesiones IMO 2017.

Sesiones IMO 2016.

Sesiones primavera 2017.

Here you have some miscellaneous materials of other courses I have taught in the past:

  • Classe d'aplicacions del càlcul de primitives (C1V; FME, 3/12). Aquí. Classes de càlcul de primitive (C1V; FME, 23/11 i 30/11). Solucions primitives. Aquí.

  • Class from Maths Foundations: Introduction to arithmetics. Here.

  • In Fall 2017 I taught an extra-oficial course, Number theory (algebraic number theory, elliptic curves and modular forms), addressed to students in the 4th year of their studies in Mathematics (pending to update materials).

  • In April 2017 I taught the course Basics of statistics at Harbour Space (Barcelona). It was a 60 hours course who tried to give mathematical tools from probability and statistics to economists and businessmen.​ Here you can find the syllabus, some short notes (summaries), the list of problems and assignments (with solutions) as well as the exams and quizzes.

  • I once wrote (in Spanish) some detailed notes about the proof of the inverse function theorem that I explained to students of the first year. Here.

  • I am interested in politics and the analysis of different electoral systems. Here some comments about the last Spanish elections (in Spanish).


T: 663.74.48.67




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