Tardor 2020. Càlcul integral (problemes). Dimarts i dijous de 10 a 11.



Primavera 2020. Anàlisi real (problemes). Dimarts i dijous de 10 a 11.

Primavera 2020. Càlcul diferencial (problemes). Dimarts i dijous de 9 a 10.

Primavera 2019. Funcions de variable complexa (problemes). FME.

Primavera 2017-Tardor 2018 (4 semestres). Taller de problemes. FME

Tardor 2015-Primavera 2016 (2 semestres). Mentories CFIS.


-> Marta Altarriba (primavera 2019): La conjectura de Sato-Tate.

-> Andreu Tomas (primavera 2019): Formes modulars mock.

-> Carles Checa (primavera 2018): Una aproximació a la teoria de cossos de classe.


Aquí hi ha algunes idees sobre possibles treballs de fi de grau, per si us interessa de cara al quadrimestre de tardor del curs 20-21 (a la primavera ja no hi seré). Si teniu alguna idea diferent la podem comentar també!

O millor, escriviu-me un mail i parlem de possibles temes relacionats amb la teoria de nombres.

I sometimes collaborate with the training for the Mathematical Olympiad. In the past I wrote some training materials, that you can find here (mainly in Spanish). Pending to complete.

Sesiones IMO 2017.

Sesiones IMO 2016.

Sesiones primavera 2017.

Here you have some miscellaneous materials of other courses I have taught in the past:

  • Classe d'aplicacions del càlcul de primitives (C1V; FME, 3/12). Aquí. Classes de càlcul de primitive (C1V; FME, 23/11 i 30/11). Solucions primitives. Aquí.

  • Class from Maths Foundations: Introduction to arithmetics. Here.

  • In Fall 2017 I taught an extra-oficial course, Number theory (algebraic number theory, elliptic curves and modular forms), addressed to students in the 4th year of their studies in Mathematics (pending to update materials).

  • In April 2017 I taught the course Basics of statistics at Harbour Space (Barcelona). It was a 60 hours course who tried to give mathematical tools from probability and statistics to economists and businessmen.​ Here you can find the syllabus, some short notes (summaries), the list of problems and assignments (with solutions) as well as the exams and quizzes.

  • I once wrote (in Spanish) some detailed notes about the proof of the inverse function theorem that I explained to students of the first year. Here.

  • I am interested in politics and the analysis of different electoral systems. Here some comments about the last Spanish elections (in Spanish).


T: 663.74.48.67




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