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-> 2nd-6th September: Workshop on Algebraic Number Theory (Munich).

-> 9th September: Teoría de Números en Aveiro (Portugal).

-> January 2025: Congreso de Jóvenes Investigadores de la RSME ( Comité científico.

This is a list of some of the Number Theory seminars where I have delivered some invited talks.

  • Prague, November 2022. From exceptional zeros to a p-adic Harris--Venkatesh conjecture.

  • Dublin, October 2022. Artin formalism for Euler systems.

  • Padova, April 2022. Iwasawa theory for GL2xGL2 and diagonal cycles.

  • Beijing, October 2021. Eisenstein congruences and Euler systems.

  • LaTeN, October 2021. Teoría de Iwasawa para GL2xGL2 y ciclos diagonales.

  • Madrid, May 2021. Congruencias entre formas modulares y sistemas de Euler.

  • Warwick, April 2021. Eisenstein congruences and Euler systems.

  • Michigan, March 2021. Motivic congruences and Sharifi's conjecture.

  • Santa Barbara, October 2020. Eisenstein congruences between Beilinson--Kato classes and circular units.

  • Santiago de Chile, June 2020. Exceptional zeros, p-adic L-functions and Euler systems.

  • Bordeaux, January 2020. Exceptional zeros, p-adic L-functions and Euler systems.

  • Laval, September 2019. Gross--Stark conjectures and the arithmetic of a weight one modular form.

  • Princeton, June 2018. Beilinson--Flach elements and the arithmetic of the adjoint of a weight one modular form.

This is a list of some talks I have given in conferences. I will upload some notes when I have time.

  • Jornadas de Teoría de Números, Logroño, June 2022.

  • STNB 2022, Barcelona, February 2022.

  • Congreso Bienal de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española, Ciudad Real, January 2022.

  • Workshop on Galois representations and p-adic L-functions, Cardedeu, December 2021.

  • Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting, Vancouver, December 2021.

  • Rendez-vous on special values and periods, Lyon, May 2021.

  • Workshop on Euler systems, Warwick, March 2021.

  • Workshop on diagonal cycles, Kolyvagin classes and iterated integrals, Cardedeu, October 2020.

  • STNB 2020, Barcelona, January 2020.

  • Automorphic p-adic L-functions and regulators, Lille, October 2019.

  • p-adic modular forms, Istanbul, July 2019.

  • STNB 2019, Barcelona, January 2019.

  • STNB 2018, Barcelona, January 2018.

  • One-day workshop on Euler systems and p-adic L-functions, Cardedeu, November 2017.

  • Jornadas de Teoría de Números, Lleida, June 2017.

  • STNB 2017, Barcelona, January 2017.

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of some study groups where I have participated and delivered talks. I will put some materials here soon!

  • Study group on higher Coleman theory, Warwick, Fall 2022.

  • Study group on Weil conjectures for curves, Warwick, Spring 2022.

  • Study group on Shimura varieties, Chile, January 2022.

  • Study group on explicit class field theory for imaginary quadratic fields, Warwick, Fall 2021.

  • Study group on Shimura varieties, Warwick, Spring 2021.

  • Study group on higher Hida theory, Barcelona, Spring 2020.

  • Study group on Galois deformations rings, Barcelona, Spring 2020.

  • Study group on Euler systems and p-adic L-functions, Montréal, Fall 2019.

  • Study group on Lawrence--Venkatesh's paper, Barcelona, Spring 2019.

  • Study group on Venkatesh's conjecture, Barcelona, Fall 2018.

  • Study group on Katz's p-adic L-functions, Barcelona, Spring 2018.

  • Study groups on Euler systems and p-adic L-functions, Barcelona, Fall 2016--Fall 2017.

  • Study group on Hida theory, Barcelona, Fall 2016.

  • Study group on modular symbols, Barcelona, Spring 2016.

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