Upcoming events.

-> During Fall 2019 I will be visiting McGill University, hosted by Prof. Henri Darmon (21st August - 7th December).

-> 24th January 2020. Talk at the Bordeaux Number Theory Seminar.

-> 3-7 February 2020. Seminari de Teoria de Nombres de Barcelona.



Past events and Number Theory seminars where I was involved during the last term (2019).

-> p-adic modular forms and p-adic L-functions (Como - Italy, 20-24th May).

-> Iwasawa conference (Bordeaux, 19-28th June).

-> Journees arithmetiques (Istambul, 1-5th July).

-> p–adic modular forms (satellite conference to Journees; Istambul, 6-8th July).

-> 27th September. Seminar talk at the Université de Laval.

-> Automorphic p-adic L-functions and regulators (14-18th October Lille).

-> At UPC we ran a seminar on Lawrence-Venkatesh paper, where they reprove Mordell's conjecture. We meet on Tuesday at 11.15.

-> The PhD Number Theory seminar meets on ... at ... (varying schedule).

-> Seminar at UB about modularity in families of modular forms. We meet on Tuesday at 15.00 at UB.

This is a list of some talks I have given, in some cases with notes:

  • Pending to update.

  • Belinson-Flach elements: arithmetic applications (2nd Cardedeu Number Theory meeting, November 2017).

  • Darmon-Dasgupta units over genus fields (Euler system seminar, October 2017).

  • Gross-Stark units and Beilinson-Flach elements (Jornadas teoría de números, June 2017).

  • Beilinson-Flach elements and the BSD conjecture (Tale seminar, June 2017).

  • Hida-Rankin p-adic L-functions (Tale seminar, April 2017).

  • A tale in two trilogies: a panoramic view (Tale seminar, April 2017).

  • Stark's conjecture and generalized Kato classes (STNB'17, January 2017).

  • p-adic analogues of the BSD conjecture (STNB'17, January 2017). Slides in English.

  • Families of overconvergent modular symbols (Hida families seminar, December 2016).

  • Lambda-adic modular forms (Hida families seminar, October 2016). Incomplete notes in Spanish.

  • A conxectura de Birch e Swinertonn-Dyer (Seminario García Rodeja, May 2016, disseminative talk about my bachelor thesis). Slides in Galician.

  • p-adic distributions, p-adic measures and Tate algebras (Modular symbols seminar, April 2016). Notes in Spanish.

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of the different study seminars and courses (related to number theory) to which I have assisted:

  • Pending to update.

  • This course 2017-2018 we are organizing a seminar on Monday where each of us explains some article around different topics concerning Euler systems, p-adic L-functions, p-adic modular forms...

  • Tale seminar (April-June 2017): devoted to the article "A tale in two trilogies" (Bertolini, Castellà, Darmon, Dasgupta, Prasanna and Rotger). It was mainly a study of the application of Euler systems to the BSD conjecture.

  • Arithmetic properties of curves of small genus (February 2017).

  • p-adic methods for Galois representations and modular forms (January-February 2017).

  • p-adic L functions of modular forms and the arithmetic of elliptic curves​ (October-June 2017).

  • Hida families (September-December 2016): an introduction to the theory of Hida families.

  • Overconvergent modular symbols (March-June 2016): an introduction to the theory of modular symbols.

  • AGRA: Aritmética, grupos y análisis (August 2015, Perú).

  • Lluís Santaló School: number theory and arithmetic geometry (July 2015).

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of the different conferences in which I have participated.

  • STNB'18 (Barcelona, January 2017).

  • Automorphic motives, Euler systems and p-adic L-functions (Nisyros, July 2017).

  • Jornadas de teoría de números (Lleida, June 2017).

  • STNB'17 (Barcelona, January 2017).

  • STNB'16 (Barcelona, January 2016).


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